Google to Buy Flickr early 2005?

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Next Google acquisition: Flickr + Picasa 2.0 = Fotoogle
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Speculation is growing that Google may buy moblogging site Flickr early 2005 and integrate it with recently purchased Picasa.

The theory runs like this:

  • It would bridge the gap between off and online photos
  • It would enrich the Google image DB
  • Flickr has many G Friendly features and characteristics

Jeremy Zawodny was not so full of joy with the notion:

I think Google has a good track record in this department so far (namely Picasa and Blogger), but I'd just hate to see a great service like Flickr get screwed up before its time.

What do you think? Is it a sensible/credible move?

It does appear to make sense to me, for all of the reasons given in the posts referenced above and more - Flickr is cool... and it fits neatly with Googles