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Reminds me of all the great

Reminds me of all the great helpful SEO tools at isos.

Well, I would have played

Well, I would have played with it, but was terrified that it would actually send. Then I thought of calling myself Aaron Sullivan, but that didn't seem right, so ... <grin>

So which one of you gave

So which one of you gave this testomonial then?

Thank God I finally found the seo newbie tool! Before I used it I couldn't decide on a name that I'd be remembered by. Now I have a great name and I had a grand introduction on Threadwatch!



Hi my name is Meat Hand. My favorite person in the industry is Myself, I just love reading their posts. Especially when they are on Threadwatch. Previous to this I was involved in Marketing stuff, but then I discovered seo and its so exciting. I can't wait to learn more. Some more about me... well I also love my pet Camels , I think I'd be lost with out my pets. Also my favorite color is Purple. As far as that hat type of seo I perform, my approach is more along the lines of grey hat. I look forward to reading and learnign more here every day.

Thanks so much

Meat Hand

Hi my name is

Hi my name is approach is more along the lines of Pink hat.

There is no spoon.

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