PC Magazine is Not Tom's Friend


PC Magazine recently came out with a list of the 25 worst websites, and topping the list MySpace.com. While the reviewers admit there may be something of a generational gap at play, they do come up with one of the best descriptions eva' of MySpace pages.

But let's put all that aside for a moment. Graphically, many MySpace pages look like a teenager's bedroom after a tornado--a swirl of clashing backgrounds, boxes stacked inside other boxes, massive photos, and sonic disturbance.

They go on to mention security concerns of parents, adware and spyware, and how it's poor design is counterproductive [editors note: counterproductive unless you are trying to generate massive amounts of pages views to jack up CPM advertising].


i agree on the pageview thing

what i can't understand, though, is why google jumped into bed with them... they think it's gonna be around? or get in and get money before it sinks? (for surely myspace.com will sink soon...)

Writeup only in the print copy?

I would assume the writeup is only in the print copy?

Start here.

Start here.

MySpace = worst usability?

OR worst usability forever and all time?

an interesting question....

that said, if i'm going after something that i'm really interested in, i'm willing to wade through a lot of bullshit to get there.

case in point - i enjoy the music video productions. had i not slogged through an extraordinary number of myspace pages, i would not have found
this video
this morning that makes me ask myself:

best video? OR best video forever and all time? {warning! contains leather chaps, kung fu, motorcycles, lasers, gambling, robots and holograms}

myspace will win in the long run, despite wretched design that delivers great pageviews, because it satisfies basic needs - keep in touch with friends, listen to music, try to get laid, have a laugh. that's covering a lot of bases.


Myspace is by far the worst site I've ever used consistently. The usability is horrible, you get an error every 5th click, and the site can be ridiculously slow and cumbersome. It amazes me sometimes how popular they have become with all those issues.

But I do think it will be difficult to uproot Myspace. Once you build a user base, it becomes difficult to change. All your friends use it, so why would you change? There would have to be a site that blew it out of the water, or a major revolt before Myspace gives up their crown. The biggest hope for competitors will be too much exposure which tends to eventually backfire over time.

I still think it is a bit overated. Despite its massive amounts of traffic, the traffic could be akin to a big forum where the regulars simply get used to the layout and become banner blind. I don't even use it much and could hardly tell you any of the banners I've seen. To truly profit from their traffic, I think they'll need to monetize it better than some low CPM ringtone, wallpaper, and smiley ads.

no doubt about it

best video of all time


myspace? more like a huge, semi-shit city you live in than a website you go to, plenty of dark and bright little corners where people hang together and live some life. Like geocities with real internal communication

one of the greatest accomplishments ever on the Web imho

doesn't matter if it stays or goes but we've barely begun to exploit it yet.

Thanks for that video,

Thanks for that video, grasshopper. Let us know when you find some more good stuff ;-)

That's an analogy for you. We all want some of the culture that comes from the inner cities and ghettos, yet few are willing to livein/next to them. For some of us, waiting for the good stuff to come out is just fine... no need to actually go there. But what culture would we have if there were no high-density cities, and everyone lived in a planned suburb?

MySpace obviously fills a need or it wouldn't exist.

Yes it fills a need

It keeps the poor and semi-computer literate in the cyber ghetto, where Murdoch can milk them for every penny they'll cough up.

It keeps the poor and

It keeps the poor and semi-computer literate in the cyber ghetto, where Murdoch can milk them for every penny they'll cough up.

Yes yes yes that is an excellent observation, but it will be very difficult to pull those ghetto dollars away from the cell phone companies, won't it?

what i hate most is

when i try to log in on Firefox and it tells me i must be a member and logged in before i can do that!!! talk about bumping up pageviews...

Dear Landlord

well if we're going with the urban analogy, what would I do to start monetizing it if I owned it?

I wouldn't try to muscle pennies out of the slobs living there, I'd keep on giving them free rent. But maybe I'd build a myspace downtown area, with lofts for rich folks, and some upscale shops with insider promotion deals, and free concerts and community "happenings".

And like every city, maybe I'd get a few famous icons, like rock bands and sports teams and museums to make the place their home, and give them very excellent, award-winning custom web pages.

Every ghetto gotta have its dreams.

Probably better to just get

Probably better to just get them to leverage their futures at ridiculous rates, bluecorn. Just like the mortgage industry (to continue the urban analogy).

So I guess the bottom feeders would try and sign them up for "free ringtones", eh?


many MySpace pages look like a teenager's bedroom after a tornado

Yes, and they were probably made by teenagers. So the article is saying that teenagers are acting like teenagers. Is that a problem?


How did Drudge Report miss the list?

Re: Drudge

How did Drudge Report miss the list?

Personally I like Drudge - it's ugly sure but it does the job of giving me a bunch of different news stories quickly in a pretty straightforward way..


I agree in its simplicity, but still some make over would help if just for pure cosmetic reasons only.

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