Dont Laugh - Weblogsinc Want to run a Search Conference...

Really, it's true. In fact, thanks to to one Threadwatch member I've seen the pitch their VP of mktg and sales Shawn Gold is sending out to sell ad space to optimization companies...

Now, the question is: Is this just another case of Bloggers thinking they invented the internet or is there room in the conference space for another show and could they actually pull it off?

From the email pitch:

We will be creating a conference around the business of Search
Engines and will be focusing on that area of the business.

-from Shawn Gold, Vice President of Weblogs Inc

What do Threadwatchers think? Room for another search conference alongside Search Engine Strategies and Webmasterworld's World of Search? If so, could Weblogsinc pull it off?


I hope it works well for them..

I like to see more competition in this area. More information is a good thing.

But who sponsors the parties?

The conferences can be a great networking tool... and branding for companies that get their business from attendees... but for someone who works inhouse they are more a chance to pick a few select brains and enjoy a few free drinks... so who is going to sponsor the parties?
Does Google jump in because of Blogger?
Will tracking companies and affiliate marketing firms open the bar to entice new signups?

core group of attendees?

Depends on who is speaking and who is drinking at the bar.

Bonus points if they do not fall in love with Powerpoint.

Jeremy Zawodny ranks in G top 10 for...

....Rolex watches (US serp)

Right now, he's about slot 4 out of 1M+ returns if you don't include indents. Not bad, hhh.

Though it does look like he's messed up his marketing focus by including Viagra in the title tag.

Sooooo, maybe Jeremy could counsel them on G linkpop. (And cut a deal with Scoble to throw some Viagra trackback his way.)

Seriously, they could get Battelle and the various se bloggers (Aaron, Andy, Barry, Peter to name a few) to be on some of the panels.

two things strike me

If bloggers (undeniably the audience Weblogs Inc will be looking to promote/attend the conference) wanted to be involved in the search industry, they would in all likelihood be attending the current conferences du jour, or reading & posting on the array of fora. So I assume those that are interested already feed their interest, suggesting that (perhaps unsurprisingly) most bloggers won't be concerned enough to stump up for a seat.

The only reason they might attend is because its run by them, for them(!!!) which, as Nick's pointed out (see 'invented the internet') they will probably devour with gusto.

just what experience do Weblogs Inc actually have in the industry? It is at most a side-issue in their business, so what qualifies them to be an authoritative conference organiser -- aside from the motivation to set one up?

I mean, its all well and good that they want to do so, but there are any number of people/groups/companies I'd have listed as good choices for alternative conferences before I even thought of anyone in the blogosphere.

Cool - another location to travel to

I personally see conferences as a opportunity to meet friends, get business, have a few days off and see another part of the world.

If they do it good and get some attendees I wouldn't mind flying there if others also attend. I think their first show will be expensive as they probably have to pay the good speakers, but let's see what they offer. :)

There is always room for one

There is always room for one more ... if they do it better, market it better and not the least find a good niche to target. I don't think the Blogger Cumminity as very active at any of the two other conferences so maybe they can pull this one - for the bloggers.

The question is: Who want to speak there?

I speak at conferences for the sake of my personal branding strategy, other do it to gain leads and new business. What can this conference give me and other speakers that know how to speak on search-marketing issues? ... Time will tell :)