Targeting Popeye with Google Adwords


To bring our non US readers up to speed we're having a bit of a spinach problem here in the United States, so I thought it might be interesting look at how two different companies are using Adwords in this crisis.

Below is a screen shot of a Google Search for [spinach] on Sept 19th

spinach - Google Search

We see that Dole is taking a proactive role telling customers to dispose of thier pre-packeged spinach, which I think is good thing. However the landing page for the adwords campaign takes you to the dole homepage instead of the special spinach information page. Sure people will figure it out but why cause a "don't make me think moment" if you can avoid it.

CNN on the other hand is going with the sensational approach with the headline FDA: Don't eat bagged spinach. For Breaking News, visit which is dramatic enough to get some clicks. Does CNN deliver, well it's hard to say as they are redirecting me to a page about Genetic code of a tree instead of telling me something relevant.

Where is the [Spinach Council] and why aren't they out there doing damage control? What can we learn from this? The time to prepare for a crisis isn't the day after something happens. Take steps to protect your product, brand, company, or executives names in the SERP's when things are under control. Times like this are where having a company blog can really pay off. Lastly send me to the most relevant landing page first, then give me links to get more information or go somewhere else, don't make me have to figure it out for myself.


Spinach has been pulled here

Spinach has been pulled here in Canada too, so out of curiousity, I did a search for spinach here, but alas, all I get are AdWords ads for "Fantastic prices on spinach"...

If you guessed this ad was an eBay ad, you're right ;)


Great deals on everything
Spinach themed.

We get the same. I wonder how often a click on an ad like that results in a conversion.

Interesting post, GrayWolf.

Interesting post, GrayWolf. Certainly worth talking about.

From the UK

Somewhat better:

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It's a .ws site so where do the seeds come from?

eurotrash, there is nothing

eurotrash, there is nothing wrong with western samoa, lol.

Spinach and E-coli huh, I always thought spinach was SHIT anyway.

I get this in Mexico

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Lawyers moving in

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Not bad.

right so

last week people were having a hissy fit because CNN were advertising off the back of a news story where someone died and this week we're laughing because CNN, lawysers and whatever the site I cant be arsed to go look at is advertising off the back of a news story in which someone died and a lot of others were seriously ill.

So I'm really interested to know why that one was worse than this one, if anyone who was horrified last week fancies explaining it?


last weeks CNN thing was about one person who had his name and his picture released so the whole incident was humanized.

This story affected 109 unnamed people and killed 1 unnamed person. None of the people affected had their identities or pictures on the cover of national magazines or newspapers. By not "putting a face" to the tragedy there's less of a connection.

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