Eliminating the Google Cookie - And Keeping Your Preferencees

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Set preferences without using Google's cookie
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Daniel Brandt aka. Everyman writes a great little tip that enables the seriously paranoid (like me) to surf Google with their preferences of choice with no unique cookie.
Great stuff Daniel, thanks.


Big Brother Watching

I dunno why Daniel Brandt is so paranoid about Google. Of course there will be an element of complicity between search company and Govt. What you should be worried about is if nobody bothered to take advantage of such a dominant information mine.

Just because he's been investigating the CIA for 25 years. Geeze, they probably have his pyjamas wired for sound and have his internet traffic sent directly to them via his ISP. Deleting cookies several times a day seems kinda pointless. At least he can consider himself lucky he isn't a microbiologist.

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