How to Google for Pirated Music


If there's one thing we all know about searchers it's that they are lazy and unmotivated, unless of course they are looking for porn or how to get something free. Via Digg comes this very well crafted complex search to help you find "free" music ...

"<insert band name>" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp

So to put it to the test I headed over to Google music trends and checked the top three artists...

Snow patrol
The Fray
James Blunt

and found what I was looking for on the first shot. Yahoo worked almost as well and MSN, well lets not go there. I doubt however that being the most relevant for pirated music is a metric anyone wants to brag about.

Editors Note
I'm not condoning or encouraging the practice of downloading copyrighted music you didn't buy. Additionally since this made the homepage of Digg this could hardly be considered outing or giving away any secrets.


This has been on Johnny Ihackstuff for a while...

This has been on Johnny Ihackstuff for a while. There are a bunch more there to find pretty much anything you want...

Just click on the Google Hacking Database



Normally, my site is here, but we're getting pounded with traffic


More like dugg. The site is

More like dugg. The site is mentioned on the digg post..

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