Yahoo To Buy Facebook for $1 Billion


Need we say more?

They really want to build that community thing I hear so much about.


Waste of money

Yahoo already has multiple 'communities' they needed to tie them internally... not send 1 billion dollars to buy another mess to try to intergrate.

For Yahoo, it is who didn't buy Facebook

Given that Facebook was also talking with Viacom and MSN (and I wouldn't be surprised if Google was in there somewhere), it could just be a game theory move...take out the rowboat of your competitor. Even if they do nothing with Facebook, their competition can't have it either.

Cygnus, somewhat like Skype and eBay...

...but not completely.


What a bargain

Rupert Murdoch really got a bargain with myspace if facebook is worth a billion.


How would this affect the deal that MSN made in August with Facebook?

Microsoft on Wednesday said it has an exclusive deal to provide online advertising to fast-growing Facebook, an important step in Microsoft's uphill battle to catch up with rivals Google and Yahoo.

InformationWeek Article from August 23

Dot Bomb 2.0

My oh's just getting wierder and wierder. As some one that was around during the last over-valuations and eventual self-destruction.... This all smells oh sooooo familiar.

MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and even iViiilage for cryin out loud.... anyone remember what a recession is? Lol... I'm old enough to remember a few of them

I say the 2 may just come in together in 07... free money is everywhere.

There has been a lot of activity...

...between Microsoft, Yahoo, and eBay lately. Buyout talks, deals, failed deals, etc.

Is there a behind-the-curtains initiative to knock down the giant? Are there red phones on the desks of the eBay, Microsoft, and Yahoo executives?


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