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Why There's No Escaping the Blog
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Much of the blog evangelism out there just bores me to tears but here's a relatively well informed and thought provoking piece on the power of blogs and how companies are, or need to be, monitoring and using them.

Some of it is pure waffle, the stuff about Scoble being particulary funny. It is a good read though:

It all used to be so easy; the adage went "never pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel." But now everyone can get ink for free, launch a diatribe, and—if what they have to say is interesting to enough people—expect web-enabled word of mouth to carry it around the world. Unlike earlier promises of self-publishing revolutions, the blog movement seems to be the real thing. A big reason for that is a tiny innovation called the permalink: a unique web address for each posting on every blog. Instead of linking to web pages, which can change, bloggers link to one another's posts, which typically remain accessible indefinitely. This style of linking also gives blogs a viral quality, so a pertinent post can gain broad attention amazingly fast—and reputations can get taken down just as quickly.

Hey, what was that new fangled way of linking again? hehe...

It's facinating to watch such momentous change happening in the way we communicate and do business. Blogs are a big part of it but certainly not the only component in the "web communications boom"..