Andy Hagans Sandbox Primer v2.0


This shouldn't be news to any of the regulars around here, but for the other half of Threadwatchers who are trying to learn about SEO, take a look at Andy Hagans latest evaluation of what exactly is going on with the Google Sandbox and how to beat it.

I almost didn't include this little section, because the "Does the sandbox exist?" debate has become as annoying as the "white hat vs. black hat" one. But just to be absolutely clear, 3the sandbox does exist. No, it's not just a straight aging delay, as originally thought; and no, you don't have to call it "the sandbox" if you don't want to. (In fact, I kind of prefer the term "Trustbox".) But speaking as an organic-only guy who has launched a site every other week for the past two years (really), I can tell you that "this sandbox/Trustbox thingy" appears again and again independent of niche, type of site, number of pages, etc.

As for what it is: The sandbox/Trustbox is a set of filters in Google's search algorithm that together prevent new sites from ranking well until they gain trust.


dead link... or is his site

dead link...

or is his site just down?


I think the best statement is that 'debate has become as annoying'

I know I have had enough of it. Do strong SEO (white or and you can get indexed/ranked with relative ease. discussion please!?!

ahhh...that's harsh

considering the amount of pure twaddle that's come out about the sandbox, i think its helpful to have some long-term observations from a good writer like Mr. Hagans

great article Andy!

great article Andy!

clear and concise

A tremendously useful article, even for those who at least have most of the clues. It helped me to organise fragments of ideas into a cohesive picture.

Wow - even diggers liked it.

Nice synopsis mate.

Missing the Point

For what its worth, the main reason that new sites find it hard and why some established sites go missing is the similarity of their backlinks to other sites already in the serps.

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