Microsoft Delivers Its Answer to Click Fraud


Microsoft employee and blogger Don Dodge reports on the unveiling of Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, an ad network that will allow advertisers to deliver their ads only on Microsoft-owned properties and select MS partners.

Don Dodge explains how this is a solution to the click fraud problem (or should I say, the click fraud "problem"):

On-line advertising is very cost effective and trackable if done correctly with top tier sites. When your ads get syndicated out to an advertising network all bets are off. The percentage of invalid clicks on advertising network sites is much higher than on search engines or tier one content sites. Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions is a great choice for high quality exposure.

Does Microsoft have enough publishing and advertising muscle to pull this off? Can the little guy take down Google?


Smart Move For MS

1. Upsells will increase (would you like to add fries with that sir?)
2. Making ad buys easier is always a good idea (every ad buyer isn't sophisticated, in fact most aren't)

my two cents.

I see nothing but a big

I see nothing but a big flash box when I click through to MS advertising; it's not just me, is it?

Upgrade Flash

That is what the page told me...

flash box

Actually Matt, I see a fairly well designed site with a flash header. For MS its pretty clean, kinda like the XBox Live site.

i don't understand how this

i don't understand how this answers the click fraud problems. most ad networks already allow you to not participate in their extended publisher networks. what is different here?

also this does not address the issue of people using click fraud for sabotage (ie competition wasting your ad spend)

Splishy Splashy pages are so ...

* a big blank screen when javascript is off.
* 3-minutes to load movie over dial-up.

'look who's at the center of the new digital media.'

What I see is a variation on the old splash page with little (no?) thought given to accessibility or usability.

The rest of the subdomain is mainly normal MSFT - but that entrance is mediocre.

They seem unable to tell you that you need javascript or to serve up anything but generic 404s from links that require javascript be on...

Sad really.

If they can't get the basics of web design best practice (graceful degradation) how likely that they can actually 'handle' something 'difficult' like click fraud?

Flash doesn't load on Linux

The Flash code does not work with the latest Linux Flash plugin, 7.0.68. But I imagine this is not a surprise. Microsoft developers should go to a Jeffery Zeldman web standards course.

You don't seriously expect

M$ to go out of their way to support Firefox unless they feel they absolutely have to, do you? :)

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