Alex Jones : Google Video is Censoring Me


Now Alex Jones claims Google Manually reset the video counter.

For you guys that don't know, Alex Jones is some big conspiracy guy.. has a network of conspiracy related sites.. now he is claiming that Google is censoring him.



Why would it make a difference or matter if the counter was reset? To hide the true popularity of the video to the public?


They rank videos based on the number of views, so he lost his "top 10 viewed" videos ranking

conserving bandwidth/cost?

Might be a complete shot in the dark but could they have done that to conserve bandwidth, cost or system resources?

Looking at their screenshot it looks a pretty heavy hitter at 1hr 52 mins - compared to the other most popular ones (3mins being the top). Do many videos of that length get in the most popular list? Google's not got unlimited resources despite popular opinion (and it always costs somewhere along the line).

"Conserving bandwidth/cost?".. uhm unlikely.

One thing to keep in mind about Google (wich is a part of their succes) is that they own some of the fastest working public internet servers in the world. Their worldwide cluster server network system contains their very own designed and programmed HD fileformat system, wich was designed directly towards handling huge amounts of terabytes per second. Official articles can be read on this matter on googles homepage.

Considering Alex Jones, people should keep in mind that this guy has been actively researching for more then 25years. His politcal knowledge, with out a doubt, is at the level of national leaders from around the world.
His work DIRECTLY THREATENS more then 50 years of manipulation of world society, carried out by world elites.
The thing that struct me most about the knowledge he presents openly to us, is alot of the facts where facts i was aware of allready. Before ever hearing of this guy, i knew there was some kind of manipulation, deciet and lyes, i just didnt know how big it was. Alex Jones helped me connect the dots.

Now with this in mind, dont you think theres a small change that the most powerfull people in the world (no not the National leaders, but people even above them) has influence enough to put censors on his work, that gets spread to public sites, just like google videos? its only a matter of time before his movies get censored on youtube aswell.

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