RSS Abuse - or - More of the Same for Most of us...

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RSS Abuse: What’s fair use and what’s abuse. (or Skweezer gets it wrong).
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Seems like blogging star Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc is getting a taste of the old "they copied my website!" routine. It appears that RSS is paving the way:

It’s one thing to take an excerpt—like the good folks at Google,, Feedster or Technorati do—to help people navigate.

It’s a whole other thing to take your entire feed, wrap your own ads around it, and try to sell a service on top of the content!

Jason, this is quite common, trust me.

RSS does make it ever so easy to do though. I've not put any kind of license on Threadwatch's own feed as of yet and am in two minds as to what, if any kind of license to give it. I really dont mind people posting my (our) entire posts on their websites but if anyone tried to pass it off as their own doing and make $$$'s from it I'd be a bit narked...


Scoble put out the word that

Scoble put out the word that he wanted 'full text' blogs. Now he's starting to pull them down. Some grumbled, but did as they were told.

Kottke posts:
"I've updated my RSS file to include the full text of my posts. For those that get off on such things, now you have absolutely no reason to visit in a browser anymore."

Kottke might make it, but most of the small-fry blogs that go to full-text will simply be assimilated.


We are full text at TW but i have been toying with the idea of going to summary.

Im not sure though, i have the idea that people should get the content here however they want it, and that's it's up to me to monetize it, but not by restricting them or playing silly buggers. However, it's certainly harder to earn money from a website when people dont come to it at all heh...

This is a thought in progress....

> when people dont come to it

> when people dont come to it at all

And that's what's going to happen. If I went full text every thread would be spiked with an ad for my site.

RSS feeds

I don't think ads in RSS feeds are going to be tolerated - I doubt most bloggers would care to wade through ads to get at info - can anyone here imagine have to wade through large numbers of ads at bloglines?

Then there's on-page syndication of headlines - I'm happy to link out to relevant news stories on topical news sites, but the moment I see ads in any of these, I will drop them flat.

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