Google Vanishes on Some ISP's


“We've received reports that a small portion of certain Internet service providers' users are having difficulty accessing Google services,” Google Inc. said in a statement. “We are currently working with the ISPs to investigate.”

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It appears to be a glitch covering only 1 or 2 ISP's .. story developing...


The ISP is Comcast

Yesterday all of Google's ASP type services disappeared, including Calendar, Adwords, Analytics and probably more. The Google Toolbar search continued to function.

This was very disconcerting because I couldn't access my Calendar. Google did a poor job of communicating about the problem. They should have posted something.

Not just Google

I use Comcast (NJ) and not only couldn't access Google stuff, also was unable to get to YouTube for a good part of the day.

People from all over the country were railing about it yesterday -

This started on the 22nd,

retracted due to error.

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