Yahoo imposes unpaid winter break


Yahoo has told its 10,000-plus employees that it's closing down its U.S. offices for the week between Christmas and New Year's and that workers are required to burn unused vacation time for the duration, or if no vacation time left, it goes unpaid..

uhh.... what's going on at Yahoo? Forcing their employees to burn unpaid vacation time? Meaning they don't get paid if they already burned their vacation time and were planning to work those days..

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Does this have anything to do with unpaid vacation time?

Directly from the Memo:

> expectation is that nearly all US Yahoos will participate in the office
> closure by utilizing their vacation time, personal floaters, or taking
> unpaid time off.


Yeah, so?

My wife's company does the same and so did mine before I sold it.

Most people thought the time off was great, so did I, not seeing the problem here unless you're broke, and I'm having a hard trying to imagine a BROKE Yahoo employee but I guess anything is possible


Welcome to almost every major corporation in the world. It's shocking because it's a hip tech company, but this isn't uncommon.

The Problem?

Is that not everyone wants their employer to dictate exactly when they can take their legally entitled annual holiday. Unless you’re a winter sports enthusiast December in the Northern hemisphere isn’t exactly congenial. It smacks of an overbearing employer saying take it or leave it and to be frank I would leave it and move on to somewhere I could enjoy fun in the sun.

Nice Christmas present

Forced unpaid leave, right at Christmas. Nice (yes, I realize that they rescinded this). Companies that do this are despicable, as are the management that enforces it. Grow some balls, treat your employees properly.



but this isn't uncommonNot

but this isn't uncommon

Not if it's an already set policy.

But, when it's a sudden change in policy that comes when your stock price the past few days looks like this, you're taking a hit from the analysts, and you were going to force employees who didn't have enough time accrued to cover the closure to borrow against next year's vacation, well, that just raises a heck of a lot of questions.

It's good they decided to amend it.

dont tell Oreilly

Yahoo is now attacking Xmas!

heh heh

nice one, Matt!

Umm, did they think about how this might affect people trying to capture business on the busy days after Christmas that utilize their Sponsored Search and Paid Inclusion programs? They might want to have a couple people handy . . . . . .

This sucks but...

My company has done this for years. On the one hand, it sucks to be told when you need to take vacation. On the other hand, unlike regular vacations, when you return to work you don't have a gigantic pile of new stuff waiting for you. It's just the same old regular pile of stuff you had when you left.

Of course as soon as the employees get used to the indignity of forced vacation they will likely be faced with the prospect of caps on the amount of vacation time they can acrue.

If you've noticed the inverted yield curve over the past month or so you know the US economy will be heading into a slowdown or outright recession in the next 6 months. Employees don't have much power during the down times and all employers will be doing their best to take back the benefits that they doled out when it was hard to find good workers. This Scroogieness is just the beginning for Yahoo and many other US companies.

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