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Here's a neat app that could turn the fledgling mobile content business on it's head overnight. Here's the short version:

Any media, including live TV can be streamed from your home, through your pc, to your mobile. It's your media, you have access to it, you are allowed to watch it! - Now, with a few "requirements" you can stream that media direct to your mobile or PDA wherever you happen to be.

Sounds neat eh?

Michael Gartenburg posted monday and tuesday about this and Engadget posted a podcast that gives some detail also.

From Michaels first post:

Orb promises to turn your PC, PDA and Smartphone into a mobile entertainment portal. Promising to deliver your music, pictures, video and live TV, Orb delivers quite well. The service is currently in beta and currently needs Windows Media Center (04 or 05) and a broadband connection. Remote clients include all MS Smartphones, PocketPC Phones, most connected pocket PCs and Symbian Series 60 and 70 phones. In short if it has a web browser and either REAL player or Windows Media it will work.

and some added information in his second post:

Actually it's a pretty killer app in general. I spent some more time using it and the more I use it, the more I like it. So far it, worked on everything I threw at it, from Smartphones to a Macintosh running OS X. Palm support seems lacking though. On each device, all my media was there for me, ready and waiting. Driving to the mall, I set up a playlist of podcasts from my PC and let it play over the Audiovox SMT-5600, through the stereo. Not a glitch. It just played through, like it was supposed to. Sound quality was lower than I'd like so I'm not replacing my iPod just yet.

In essence, it's a simple idea - so simple that it could be turning a fair few trousers brown right now. If orb can do it, you can bet your life a whole bunch of others will be working on it right? - Paying for media once seems like good sense to me, who wants to pay at home (through lisenses or ads etc) then to get some kind of entertainment on your smartphone, pay all over again?

Very interesting stuff...