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Via Werty, Google is now doing online photo storage at Picasaweb:

With Picasa Web Albums, you get 250MB of free storage--enough to post and share approximately 1,000 photos for free. But it's so easy to put your photos online that you just might want more storage. For $25 a year, you can upgrade to an additional 6GB of space (25,000 photos' worth). Whatever your needs, Picasa Web Albums is perfect for amateur and pro photographers alike.

Picasa Web Albumbs allow you to publish privately or publicly. They also provide RSS feeds of your images. And as far as innovative features go, this page states

If a friend shares an album with you, you can do more than just view it on the web. With just one click, you can download the album right back into your Picasa to keep a copy for yourself.
You can leave comments on friends' photos, as well as give captions to your own. And if you've already given your photos captions in Picasa, the same captions will be there after you upload them to the web.


About Time

Where have I heard something like this before? Flick me. Can't remember.
It's about time they bridged the gap b/w Picasa and Web. Should make a dent in Yahoo's share.


Just to clarify a couple of points here:

1) The paid upgrade to 6GB is only available to US users - most of the world is currently stuck with the default 250MB

2) The system does not offer private albums. The two choices are public, and unlisted, where the unlisted ones are visible by anyone who gets hold of the URL (or can guess it)

It's Fab...

....I upgraded to Web Albums (test) a few weeks ago and operate a small business using this service.

Way worth it.


labelling of the service

The logo doesn't have the old faithful beta tagged on, it's got test instead.

I reckon the average Joe Soap is probably blind to the beta tag by now so Google has to use test to emphasise that this software/service isn't the finished product.

Beta to Test

I'm not sure what the difference is, but I'm pretty sure it was labelled "beta" back in July when I uploaded an album.

Why is it not possible to

Why is it not possible to upload a folder full of pictures?

5 at a time???

It is to force you into

It is to force you into downloading Picassa, if you install that you can upload entire folders and quickly make albums. Another cool feature is you can download your friends albums with one click.

Old news...

Google has been doing online image storage for years:

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