WebmasterWorld to Accept Advertising?

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Advertising on WebmasterWorld.com
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Question: What do you do if you want to break a 5yr tradtion of no advertising and you're afraid/unsure of member reaction?

Answer: Pose as a new member and bring the matter up on the board of course!

The WebmasterWorld Community Forum has been on pre-mod for at least a year as far as I can recall. Call me an old cynic, but I just cant think of any good reason why you would want to open a possible debate on advertising policies unless you actually wanted to discuss them.

Hawkgirl has been the driving force behind much of the ROI orientated projects at WMW over the last couple of years including the controversial paid supporters only home page threads. Looks to me like she might be making some further headway...

Go girl go........!


what does this mean?

What is the "Paid supporters only home page threads" ?

Hi Jim

Well, you know they have the "top threads" on the homepage right?

Im not sure about today, i've only just got back from walking the doggies but on most days, at least 50% of them are links to threads in the supporters forum.

The supporters forum is for payed up supporters only, but the threads are visible to the serfs also....

It's not an uncommon tactic, and not really an important point other than to say that I beleive it was Hawkgirl that first started pushing that idea hard..

I believe Nick

is referring to the WebmasterWorld Supporters forum, where one pays to read.

Over the last year or so? more and more of the 'lead' threads on the homepage of WebmasterWorld take you into a private area, asking you for a subscription..

Although looking at it now this seems less prolific. Wonder why.


You type far too fast clearly mate

When people start posting at

When people start posting at the same time... sign of a good level of interest on a thread.. hehe

though i think that one was pure chance ;-)

So, what *do* you guys think about wmw accepting ads?


I couldn't give a flying f**K :-)

They protest too much

I find the it all annoying. Everyone made a big deal about what was said in the WmW Supporters forum was supposed to stay there - then the next thing you know they are plastering thread titles (often edited to make them more sexy) on the front page for everybody to see. So much for that.

On the advertising: a week before all these conference supporters adverts started rotating they had a WmW ad rotating saying: "WmW, no advertising, never had it never will." Then they started running these conference sponsor ad banners. Much bigger than the button ads of earlier years. They can spin it however they want, it is still advertising. I don't care if they run ads, they ought to just be honest about it.

It'd be just fine with me

Thanks for the earlier clarification.

If someone has valuable real estate, why should they not try to make financial gains from it....for so long in this industry everyone’s been paranoid about sites that sell advertising thinking that the content within must somehow be "biased"...in the case of WW I believe, that assumption would be silly .

Go Milk it !

Got some great deep content! As for the home page thread titles for supporters, most are just a lot of spin.

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