Google Testing Images in Main Search Listings?

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Google Test Images Within Google Web Search
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If the screenshot is to be beleived then it looks like Google are testing the promotion of Google Image Search in their main listings. In the threadlink above, Barry Schwartz points to this thread by classione and this screenshot:

Now, is it just me or would that be just a tad annoying were it to become standard fayre at Google?

There would also be the enormous potential for innapropriate images being shown to minors and those of a more sensitive nature...


Not to mention the extra scrolling required...

But I'm sure someone will write a Firefox extension to work around the damage.

Image search is already spammed

This would be terrible for Google, their image database has already been nicely spammed by adult sites. I can only imagine the adult images that would start to pop up for generic terms. Since the image database is not very large the spam appears to be a larger percentage than the normal database. This would be a great and easy way into the top of the serp. I just can't believe Google would do this but I hope so :).

If they do this (are they try

If they do this (are they trying to compete with the not-so-competitive A9?) they'd better at least get the imagebot out and about a bit more often.

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