SEOroadshow 2007 --looks like Italy


There is some confusion as to who exactly organizes the SEOroadshow. The short answer is "anyone willing to do it." Started by those who hope to sustain the incredible experience of pubconference 1, the roadshow is purposely kept informal and member-driven. But it does takes some groundwork (insert loud applause & cheers for those who've done the previous events) and someone has to commit to that. Also, there's the matter of the expense --not crushing, but still far more than pocketchange (more on that later).

At Copenhagen we had 3 different groups who wanted to host the next one (and a possible 4th for one after that), and I've just received a "we want to do it" from Wolfy, who was first in the queue. Obviously, nothing is set at this early stage and Wolfy may find that it may not come together due to unforeseen circumstances, but this post is an early headsup for anyone with an interest in "Where next?"


Excellent! Italy is certainly do-able

as flights to Milan are pretty good. Furthermore the cuisine in Italy is really extraordianry and the crowd DO like a good meal, more than one actually :)

Looking forward to seeing what Wolfy comes up with.

>anyone willing to do it

Hehe, sure thing. Just remember that it takes a little organizing - nothing like doing a regular conference though, but the bunch can be a demanding group and did I mention they take their beer and food seriously? :)

There are Italians in Milan

BUT we will be there anyway!

Mackin, travel tip

When you & I are traveling in Italy and we stop for food, drinks, lap dances, etc... all you need to know is one phrase; il conto per favore

The right time of year ...

Just a thought: On Sunday September 2nd there's a Moto GP race in San Marino, which would be a cool way to top off a few days of the Roadshow.

1000 variables

In the past, we've had the actual pubconference and, later, the roadshow meeting at the pub or club on a Saturday, around 1pm. But, as veterans will know, the event really starts in the hotels with people arriving as early as Thursday.

I suggested either mid-April-to-early-May or September-October since this will be just outside the high tourist season and rates and room availabilty will be easier but there is still the likelihood of nice weather.

>top off a few days

Yeah, agreed! But we've also seen roadshow thrown into decision-making paralysis by trying to coordinate it with other events. Keith and I talked seriously about coordinating with WITS, for instance, but it gets to be work trying to hash it all out. Basically, we ended up saying 'screw it' and advising the host to just pick a date best for them.

I'm there...

As along as the locals don't comment on my fashion sense.

I will also attempt to chat to everyone this time and remember their names (think I may have to be sober this time).

fashion sense

>As along as the locals don't comment on my fashion sense

The Italians don't have a problem with jeans and a t-shirt. ....OTOH, NFFC might. (But he's getting better. Really.)

Italy :YES!

Hy guys!

I'm happy everybody would like to participate in Italy to the SEO Roadshow and after RC words I thought and thought and so I decide YES!

I have the place, I can organize food and beverage of course looking for sponsors :) ), hotel is not a problem (good contacts), so what do we need more? Just your participation!!

Regarding the date we need to find one that is not during a fair period, in Milan there are lots of fairs during the year and in those periods accommodation is impossible!!

Best choice would be in late september/first days of october (I'm sorry jetboy....we can go together without roadshow)

So I'll start studying the dates and let you know some possibilities then, if agreed by anyone interested, I can go ahead.

Hoping to see more girls at roadshow next time..italy is a good place for shopping!!!



I'm sure that I can get 1 or 2 sponsors...

Not all women like to shop

Not all women like to shop Wolfy.

Some of us like to "talk shop" though.

OK, Wolfy, it looks like

OK, Wolfy, it looks like you've signed up for "your turn in the barrel".


I've not mentioned this to Wolfy yet, so this should come as a pleasant surprise. We discussed some changes in roadshow organization while at Copenhagen and pretty much decided to keep it as it is. One possible exception would be to more actively raise funds to offset the 4000+ Euro burden of the venue, beer, food. The work in preparing the meeting is daunting enough (and great companies like Notabene can be in short supply when we want to hold a meet). There are some thoughts on how to we'd accomplish this but Friday isn't a good time to post and promote discussion, so I'll wait.

OK, Wolfy, it looks like

OK, Wolfy, it looks like you've signed up for "your turn in the barrel".

I could have gone all my life without reading that joke. Really.

When it is my turn in the

When it is my turn in the barrel, you can put me on the list for a political contribution. It's tax deductible right?

tax deductible

I'll give you a personal, handwritten note for the auditor, Bob. It'll be sealed so they won't suspect any tampering you'll have to trust me as to what it'll say.

Dating back to the first pubconferences, we've had anonymous and/or very, very low-key sponsors who contributed anywhere from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. We've also had more than a few say that they WANT to contribute. Given what happened to the first pubconferences once money started being waved at us, the old core is understandably gun-shy on this issue. Besides, collecting the money is a PITA. BUT, we also can't expect to have the same benefactors underwriting the costs forever...

I would guess that I'm not

I would guess that I'm not the only one who doesn't know what happened once money started being waved. Just curious.

what happened was

the WMW PUBlisher's CONference

"The recent ones have taken on a bit more of the commercial flavor as well as the unstructured flavor." Searchengine Blog

HHH, yeah, just a bit.

Added: deja vu

Thanks, rc.

Thanks, rc.

Even I knew what he meant.

Even I knew what he meant.

Maybe if it really is the anti-PubCon, I would come out of my shell for it. BTW, one of the ways to get "sponsors" that aren't formally sponsors is to enable sponsoring of rounds, hours, or "events" like humiliation stunts.

great RC!! sorry for


great RC!! sorry for answering so late...
regarding sponsors and organization letìs talk about it, we offer of course the location but, we need to find some contibutions for your needs.. I know that speaking a lot costs so many pints...

Since it's our first time I'd need suggestions from experienced organizer (notabene can you hear me??)

I'm waiting for your replies



>notabene can you hear me??

Lol, sure thing. I'm right here. Let me know if you have any questions? :)

Can we fix the dates??

Hi all,
could we start fixing dates for SEO Road Show in Italy, MIlan?

what do you think about starting suggesting something concrete so that I can give the best availability?



The date is largely your

The date is largely your option, wolfy. Basically, it works like this for the host: You set the date that you can do it, then we'll all whine and bitch about it.

You set the date

damn right - that's how it's been since day one. Reading this thread has got me all nostalgic. I haven't hung with this crew in a long time. Italy might have to find it's way on to the calendar if I can work it all out.

Wolfy man - awesome you're steppin up. That means you're in charge. Pick YOUR dates and tell rc to shut his yap and just book tix ;)

Anything Yet?

2 months down the line - any dates been decided upon yet?

On Wednesday 25th April you'll know the date

I'm finalizing everything to arrange RoadShow in Milan,
proposal is October 13-14

please vote!!


October 13-14 is Ok by me.

October 13-14 is Ok by me.

Me too.

Me too.

ooooh! hell yeah!

I've always meant to go to Italy and eat. :-) Count me in. If mid-October isn't good for me, I'll damn well find a way to *make* it good!

Sounds good

Dates sound good and no airports or passport control is always a winner...

13-14th Milan

Could be a run on the cheap flights for that date :)Might have to get over a day early!

The suspense is killing me!

The suspense is killing me!

Italians have always been great hosts....

13th - 14th is good for me.

anyone care to offer a pitch

anyone care to offer a pitch for attending this? Or is it good as it is....

it will be the best

it will be the best investment you will ever make, believe me it will, just be there....

Looking for sponsors :)

Hi guys!!
I'm happy you liked the dates proposed,
now I also need to ask if someone would like to sponsorize the event,
please write me an email at wolfy at if you'd be interested in.

Once everyone will agree on those dates I'll start informing you about the exact place, air fares, hotels etc. etc.

stay tuned!


Whoa! Good choice.

That's great Wolfy. Of course we'll be there and looking at the interest so far I guess we did a good job in Copenhagen :)

Don't forget to update: ;)

See you in Milan!

"I also need to ask if

"I also need to ask if someone would like to sponsorize the event"

Minus 14 points. No sponsors, simply webmaster benevolence.

(Which means mick g pays the bar tab ;) ).

Which means mick g pays the bar tab

Seconded, and motion passed. :)

Looking for webmaster benevolence....

is it better brian :)

first 15 beers charged to you..



As everyone seems to be cool with the 13th-14th I feel bad asking, but any chance it could be the week after? (20th-21st)

See you there!

BTW I like the 20th-21st too.

20th 21st really difficult

In Milan there will be a big technology fair (SMAU) and probably no way to find places in hotel....

I propose 13-14 because is the only weekend without fairs in Milan so easy to book places in hotel.

BTW I see that not so many people gave a feedback for the roadshow 2007, come on guys!!


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