A9 Quits. 83rd is not worthy


Amazon has scaled back A9 and dropped local, maps (yes, the video drive by's), personalization, and the A9 Toolbar. Did anyone notice? It happened last Friday.

According to the Yahoo! news story, A9 ranked 83rd in search. Time to return to the business of selling goods :

A9 continues to innovate in the area of search, which includes operating A9 and enhancing product search on Amazon.com



To me A9 was just regurgitated Google (now MSN) in a different wrapper. Not enough uniqueness to make me give up the real thing. At least a good metasearch blends other engines results into a unique SERP, but with A9 there was never a compelling reason to use them over whoever was supplying the feed.

I had hoped A9 would try to build their own DB, back when they started but they seemed to get cold feet early on.

I used them for alexa data

I used them for alexa data but that was squashed when alexa added their own detailed info pages.

Someone @ A9

Someone I know quit a very lucrative job to go to work for A9 and wasn't there even a year before he ran screaming into the night.

If they have any technology worth a damn they should call up Ask, who is desperate as all hell about now, they could use a boost.

Honestly, I didn't know you

Honestly, I didn't know you could use A9 to search anything but Amazon.

But what about the discount?

Do you still get a 1/2% discount on Amazon stuff for using A9 as your search engine?

(Even bribes didn't work, I see. Maybe they needed a better bribe and a better publicist?)

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