IBM want to Patent Mod Rewrite

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In a World Wide Web communications network simplifying the Uniform Resource Locators (URLS) displayed in association with recei
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Varchars report that IBM want to Patent Mod Rewrite! heh... see the threadlink above for the patent application. Here's the summary:

Simplifying any cumbersome URLs that are made public. The function of converting to simplify cumbersome URLs is performed by Web service providers for appropriate fees. Accordingly, the converted URL will have a new domain portion, i.e. the Web service provider's domain along with a simplified path portion defining the path with the Web service provider's domain that will point to the original URL, stored within the service provider. Within the service provider, URLs of said accessed Web documents are converted to include a domain section specifying the service provider's domain and a path portion within said service provider's domain that is simpler than the original URL path portion. The path portion in the converted URL is usually shorter than the path portion in the original URL.

As rayg points out: They are partnered with Apache! - Knobends.