Ploppy's how to revamp a site.. complete with tool list


Mr. Ploppy, posting under the nom de guerre of Todd, posted a very exhaustive list of tools and question to consider when rebuilding a site. Its a great overview and reference for everyone.

* Warning: looks like Todd may be suffering from an intermittent Dig attack.


Ironic as well, as he

Ironic as well, as he trackbacked to Shoemoney's article on how to reduce load on your server from Digg, /., etc using mirrors.

Took a beating

...and ate my words.

My favorite part is how I advise that people prepare their hosts...oh the irony. I THOUGHT I was prepared...FYI - shared hosting IS NOT gonna cut it now matter how hard you try. Biggest mistake I made was not letting the host no sooner...damn.

I feel like the red-headed step child today.

He Continues to Amaze Me

Mr. Ploppy continues to amaze me. I'd just like to see a photo or anim of him, especially since I've heard the real Mr. Ploppy exists, but continues to elude us.

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