My Space Looks at Scalp and Finds More Gray Hair than Previously Thought...


Apparently the AP put out this news based on a Media Matrix study: "Half of the site's users are 35 or older, according to comScore Media Metrix's analysis of its U.S."

Actually not necessarily half but more like 41% of Myspace is 35-54. That is a huge age range to factor into one group in order to make a point. But ok... As one of my collegues says ' Myspace is for predators'. Right. I think of it as a great place to find old college/secondary school friends from years ago, a place to post a few links to sites of mine. A central, semi-legal place to place links to video/music that I like that they host rather than me (yay... no RIAA comming after me). My wife can keep in touch with her employees through there, i.e. semi-private time sheet, employee photo sharing, etc. And a great place to hear music from new bands in a very central place.

Why wouldn't that appeal to the older crowd? GeoCities once did well because they let anyone create a site and had a very active community until Yahoo took it over. Yeah, there predators, spammers, porn posters, and more back then but overall, a very vibrant community.

In your opinion is Myspace just Geocities II with more behind the scenes? And a dumbed down interface/web page creation system?


Are the search engines

Are the search engines destroying the web?

We all are, in our own

We all are, in our own special ways.


where are all the h8trz @


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