Searchmash - No failure at all.


I read DaveN's post Google's Worst Product Ever regarding Searchmash earlier today and I had to reply to his rant. Mainly because I felt he didn't analyse Searchmash from a fair point of view. Search Mash is a very interesting test...and discuss!


Entirely worthy of a new

Entirely worthy of a new topic. Maybe rather than having a comments system on TW, everyone could get their own thread? ;) Giving the linkspam the credit it deserves, I wrote my own response. Enjoy.

I wrote a comment as well:

This one, in fact, followed by a slight copy on Cre8asiteforums.

I'm sure the SM test is "interesting", for those involved in the project -- and given the prickly but constructive comments that people have given already.....

closing thread. probably

closing thread. probably should have used the other.

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