After 3 months - Google updates PR

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After 3 months - Google updates PR
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DazzlingDonna points out google's PageRank and BackLink update incipience,
shown on and datacenters.

PR and Backlink Update Starts New Year Off With Bang
Google has begun its PR and Backlink update - just in time for the New Year! Since it is still propagating across the datacenters, the best place to check your upcoming PR is at Currently, the new PageRank is being shown on and Just run the link: command from one of those datacenters to see your updated backlinks. Happy New Year!



Thanks Golinks!

I'll admit to a small amount of shameful interest in this one :) im sick of seeing a white bar on TW hehe...

Just to show this is a tough business...

...and that Google grades sites on a curve (and a freaky curve at that).

Just FYI... Threadwatch (link:-score 1110) now has the same pagerank as my non-commercial sports club site (link:-score 17). I think the news value lies in the massive deviation from the original PR Calculation Formula.

Congrats with the green bar BTW Nick. I agree it looks more friendly. :-)

Yep - I see it - but as that

Yep - I see it - but as that AdWords rep rightly pointed out (as reported at SEW) the PR that's coming up is a good 3 months out of date.

"PR that's coming up is" C

"PR that's coming up is"

Correction: PR that's coming up *looks* a good 3 months out of date.

The PR in the Mirror is Closer to #### Than They Appear

>>After 3 months - Google updates PR


Non-news. It's like articles about Sergey burping, Larry getting a rash and that ####ing former Greatful Dead chef - just another publicity stunt from the Googlebunker.

Agreed Brad

We dont normally homepage these things as they really are duller than dishwater and far less important...

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