Murdoch Pissed at Google?


The WSJ published an article highlighting that the Google / News Corp. relationship is a bit rocky after the YouTube purchase.

Apparently YouTube had no interest in being part of News Corp.:

Circumstances of the deal upset executives at News Corp. The media conglomerate had sniffed around YouTube several times in recent months, but never made a firm offer because the start-up's executives said it wasn't for sale, say people familiar with the matter.

On Friday, after the news of Google-YouTube negotiations broke, News Corp. sent a letter to YouTube asking for an opportunity to participate in the sale process, the people said. YouTube didn't respond.

And that pissed off News Corp. bad enough to consider blackballing YouTube:

In reaction, News Corp. executives over the weekend discussed cutting off the MySpace links to YouTube, according to a person close to the situation.

Google and News Corp. are to have meetings to patch their relationship, and potentially extend their ad deal to include video ads.


Angry Australians

We are everywhere so watch out!!!

Try checking your spelling

It's Rupert Murdoch, not Murdock.

Murdoch is a seppo, not an Aussie, has been since the 80's.

It was an SEO typo for

It was an SEO typo for traffic, but I have fixed it ;)

actually I am just a horrible speller



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