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Screw that crap of linking for traffic. I buy paid links for organic placement, end of story. I don't give a rat's patootie if I get a visitor from paid links as long as the link gets me to the top of google. I don't want your 10 'quality' visitors a month, I want 10K visitors a month from Google.

So where's the best places to get paid links? Here's the beginner roundup:
1) Text Link Ads. I've not used them but I have read positive comments. And they're a longtime advertiser both here and at pubcon so they're sending the signals that they know what they're doing.
2) Blogsvertise. This is a newer service I got in on from another online community I'm a member of. I got onboard, bought a bunch of links, and am dang happy with what I got for the money. I also learned that when left to themselves bloggers seem to link to your site with your domain rather than fancy keywords. Interesting, and made me wonder if I shouldn't be focussing a bit more on that type of link text.
3) mildly offtopic blogs. I search for blogs in related industries. There's a goldmine there. Looking for mortgage links? find blogs by mortgage underwriters. Find the biggest company in your sector and look at their support staff. Which sector of those support staff might have blogs? What about companies that company deals with - does this take you into related sectors that might have blogs. There's plenty of solid PR4 - PR7 ontopic, regularly updated blogs out there that when approached with an offer of $50-$100 will give you a nice link on their page.
4) Dead sites. Do a search on your favorite topic. Start on page 4 and start visiting sites. Find one that looks like it was done in FP 98 and full of busted links - a great dead site. Send them an email with a $500 offer. They accept, you've got another site to give yourself a link. They decline. Respond with 'would you give me a link/presell page for $100 a year then?'. Now they're interested. There you go, solid paid link from an ontopic site. My single best incoming link I obtained this way.

The first two are nice because they provide bulk methods. The second two take time but are an untapped resource - you'll find lots of sites out there who've got no ads but are happy to take yoru $100.

Your turn :). What are the other bulk services or one-up methods of making this fast exchange of gimme a link for cash?


Blog spam, forum spam,

Blog spam, forum spam, guestbook spam, link networks, link schemes, link scripts,link exchange, own (s)blog network, own site network, deals with people who have their own networks. They are all free :0)


No, they're not. I guess you choose your path and the amount of time (without income) you're prepared to wait for return.

Something that might work? There's an authority site in your area - one which you've of course known about and communicated with over the years. Get a feel (or a precise number) for their affiliate income. Approach them with the 'you don't want those pesky aff. links, do you - you know the SE's would rather they weren't there?'. Offer a flat fee - a big one, obviously - to replace those aff links with vanilla links to your site. They have guaranteed, low maintenance income, and the SE's don't see them doing anything as dastardly as trying to earn a crust off affiliate income. Won't always work of course, and it's, I guess, only worth doing on a good, old site (see wheel above on organic placement) - and therefore likely to require investment in networking and trust as well as cash.

When I have made offers for

When I have made offers for domains, for example this asshole the other day he asked for $100K.
We are buying old domains at auction now out of laziness but have thought about going through page 4 in the serps and coming up with some lame excuse like my dad wants it as a hobby site or something.

"No, they're not. I guess you choose your path and the amount of time (without income) you're prepared to wait for return."

Are you speaking from experience Mat? Nearly Any old shit on a good domain works now. Nearly all the serps where we play have a dodgy links. It is like a nuclear arms race. Ocassionally I see a domain with old links that defys logic but it is just nuts. He gets 100k links, we get 130K, he gets 200K.

I guess the above is about gaining trust. you cannot do taht with shit links but once you have it, it is a licence to do what you like.


to a worthy cause

or create a worthy cause people would want to donate their link equity toward


I also am a fan of grabbing a few links from community content sites like wikipedia,, or etc.

>> or create a worthy cause

>> or create a worthy cause people would want to donate their link equity toward

Like (plucking an example at random from thin air) getting sued on dodgy legal grounds by total tossers?


>>When I have made offers

>>When I have made offers for domains

I have complete idiots making offers on my domains. The domains I operate or own are businesses not "domains". Like I'm going to sell a domain that is home for a multi-million dollar business for a few thousand - stupid people don't do their home work.

On another aff site that turns about 60K a year with a very high payout a guy couldn't believe I wouldn't sell the domain for $2500. Idiots.

Screw that crap of linking

Screw that crap of linking for traffic. I buy paid links for organic placement, end of story. I don't give a rat's patootie if I get a visitor from paid links as long as the link gets me to the top of google.

I'm all for links with potential human traffic benefits.

That means links as ads that are very visible to human users. And presell pages that can especially drive traffic in themselves on keyword longtail.

If all you have is links for SE purposes, you could be one algo change from losing your revenue model (if a link builder).

But if they have human user value, that in itself could justify the cost of the ads as ads, not SE links.


To Spam or Not to Spam

Brian is a worthy wanker.... lol @ Bri from Dave

MaxD has been taken by the Dark Side

Aaron, has 100 linking tips (or was it 101?)...

..but where is the Link Spam Assassin?

The msytery continues....

>>>Screw that crap of

>>>Screw that crap of linking for traffic

I would not desmiss it. I pay for lots of advertising, and it is one of the reasons why one of my sites still does well even after being penalyzed on Google.

I get lots of targeted traffic from the sites I advertise on. O course, I always try to get some link love from those ads.

Also, don't forget the branding issue. The more places people see your site on, the better. After a while people start to "trust" your site because they see it on the industry portals, on adwords, serps, blogs, etc. It all helps to brand your site.

PayPerPost is another one

PayPerPost is another one. The name explains it all. I signed up but did not get far into the process. After sign-up, they want you to add a credit card and pay which I am not big about when I have not had a chance to see the bloggers signed up.

I just created an account at Blogvertise and pretty much the same thing. You are expected to pay money before you see who might blog on your behalf.

Someone should get it right and at least let you have a look around first before asking for cash.

> Someone should get it right

Some smart people are working on a better system.

my contributions

>>Find one that looks like it was done in FP 98 and full of busted links -
Like searching for "keyword" + "copyright 1997" 1998/1999/2000/2001...

>> Send them an email with a $500 offer.
Or pick up the phone. They're likely only getting SPAM mail now and not even opening their email client.

Nice post, wheel.

That you're giving away silly money for links can be made public on your site. Filter idiots/time wasters through a form though.

can't see the bloggers

True enough, and a problem I also have with these services. Unfortunately how does the service allow people to see their inventory without getting around the eyes of Mr. C or cutting the service out of the loop? I really want to check domain age, backlinks, and so on before I slap down money. How do the two divergent interests meet?

I just spoke with someone else who's got a paid link service and they way they're getting around it is basically money back on a per link basis if you get one you're not happy with. Still not perfect, but a bit closer.

You make some good points

You make some good points which I do agree with. I do have a sense that Mr. C. has penetrated some of the ad link networks that display where your link will appear. I don't think they can catch all instances but they are trying.

The money back if not happy is a good solution.

I dugg into PayPerPost a bit

I dugg into PayPerPost a bit more and at least they have some decent images of what you can expect:

I have not signed up for PayPerPost but I like a couple of things about this over Blogvertise - you can determine how much you pay per post, at Blogvertise they start you out at a predetermined fee that they set.

We built and finshed a nice

We built and finshed a nice little worldpress plugin. Basically all site owners who join add a worldress blog to the site they want to promote and link to it from the homepage. Then they get fed members sites they need to post about with anchor text pre fed.. You could employ some low wage country to do that bit.

The script also dispayed other users pages with right anchor on the blogroll, in addition to that it had a rotating script linking posts. The idea was brilliant and cunning but the programmer left and it went into the development bin. Anyone interested in reviving it let me know :)

Great post, wheel!

One problem you'll have to look into with Blogsvertise and others is how they actually solicit bloggers.

E.g. BV entices newbies to make use of free resources, most if not all of which have the NOFOLLOW tag implemented by default. While that may still give you some buzz and traffic, such links aren't of any great SEO value otherwise.

I use both services (PPP and

I use both services (PPP and BlogsVertise), and I haven't had many problems with the nofollow tag. I think BV only accepts blogs with the nofollow off, and on PPP I always specify that I don't want blogs with the nofollow tag on.

So far so good.

Btw, BV posts tend to be of higher quality. It is amazing what people are willing to write for a few dollars.


I am suprised no one mentioned the folks over at LinkExperts ( ). Almost all of their sites have an Alexa less than 10k and they make sure every advertiser is relevant to the page they are on...this means, NO affiliate hair loss links next to your quality links.

Has anyone else had a good/bad experience with LinkExperts?


Thanks for the kind words about LinkExperts. We try and maintain a network of top notch publishers by only allowing super relevant links from reputable websites. If anyone has anything good or bad to say about our services or if you would like to know more please send me a private message.

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