ReviewMe Coming Soon


Andy Hagans recently announced ReviewMe, a blog advertising network which I helped think up. Any Threadwatch feedback on the idea (love or hate) is welcome.


Good on y'all

How do I get a ReviewMe Roy t-shirt?

Out of all the questions you could have possibly asked

That one makes me the happiest.

I'll look into it.


Congrats guys. Your logo I think needs a desktop toy/bendy figure and some stickers. Also get some magnets.


Man you need a review me roy badge for people to put on their site, he's too cute ...

forget the tshirt

Forget the tshirt, I want to wear that reviewme roy costume!

I just love the world's largest rss feed button.


Roy is real. You'll see at pubcon.

Showdown with

We will not allow promotion of ReviewMe through Techcrunch......

Says the latest article in Techcrunch.

While we applaud the fact that ReviewMe requires disclosure and prohibits advertisers from requiring a positive post, we still think the very act of paying bloggers to write about a product is a very bad idea. Frankly, we’re not happy that one of our sponsors has launched this type of service, and we’ve notified them that we will not allow promotion of ReviewMe through TechCrunch.

Good luck

Good luck. You now have my email address.

Ironically, you've got a dodgy link in the OP throwing up a 400 ;-)

The dodgy link is because

The dodgy link is because Typepad is not a quality host and they do stuff like that.

Good luck

Good luck with this guys - my fiance already signed up...

Roy is real.

Roy is real. You'll see at pubcon.

Just like Mister Ploppy is real? LOL

Is Real

Review Me Roy, Mr Ploppy, Big Foot, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar together. The tooth fairy is behind the bar ...

And then

And then Googlebot walks up to the bar and says, "I thought you all were spammers".

The tooth fairy is behind the bar...

Mr ploppy sez: How does one know if they are in the sandbox?

Roy laughs out loud and bellows "there is no spoon"...

The toothfairy brings santa and the easter bunny their link drinks while politely explaining that she cannot in good concious serve their inebriated friends.

Hey, BigFoot is real.

Hey, BigFoot is real.

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, my friends all thought it was to continue my Sasquatch research closer to the natural habitat of the big beast. No, it's not me.

I like the concept, but wonder about the possibility of panning reviews. Surely there has to be some influence factored in, to keep the critics from thinking they are being sanctioned to be critical. no?

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