Friday bollocks - I am TOTALLY doing this!


Weird how unexpected search results can take you down some interesting paths. While doing some research on insurance, I went Googling for Balducci (an Italian actuary). Turns out that those levitations you see the TV magicians do is called 'Balducci's levitation'. And there's instructions online on how to do it!

Here's the wiki entry on how to do this levitation yourself:
Balducci's Levitation
and a Google video that shows it live:
Balducci's Levitation video
where you can clearly see how the levitation (and the misdirection) is performed.

Yes, you can try this at home!


Even when you know the secret it's tough to do

I was trying to do this after seeing David Blain do it.
It's tough to do it smoothly and not lean to one side.

The Chris Angel levitation is pretty cool

sumo cat. Search for

sumo cat. Search for it.
kitty dance.

It's not hard... get a cat to "levitate" BTW.

Word is...

DaveN's cat can levitate...

Go on Dave, tell 'em - I dare yer

I've done it...

I find it best to do this around drunk peeps.

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