Nokodo Search Engine Launches

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New Search Engine Nokodo Launches
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ResearchBuzz threadlinked above report on the launch of Nokodo

I cant say that im even a little bit impressed, i tried a search for smart phone and the results were horrendous, plus the way it works means you cant link to results - doh!



Failed the "hotmail" test.
Failed the "yahoo" test.
WTF on the "google" test.
"results cannot be manipulated"

Hotmail manipulated their way to #1 for "hotmail" on all the other search engines, but not on Nokodo <-- those sly devils
"making search engine optimization (SEO) obsolete."

Seriously, do they nail any obvious queries? I'll agree that something is obsolete here, but it is not SEO.

Damn, so much for all-nice posts in '05, maybe next year.


What they have got is very heavy filters.

If you try a really spammy SERP like "London hotel" and compare with G or Y, you will see they have filtered out any "directory" sites ( I use the word directory in the loosest definition of that word)

The filters are so heavy that I suspect it must effect results for any search term in a fairly major way


A mate just IM'd me that - but it's just a convention right?

Or do you mean they are not showing sites that have www in it? - runs to look....

Bloody Hell!

Dont like the Old Versions bit - some of my old design stuff is cringingly bad - LOL


Yeah, for some reason there are no sites with the traditional www subdomain - now that's just stupid surely?

By the way

Lets keep "spammy specifics" down please :-) Travel stuff is well known but i'd not like to encourage less scrupulous types with posting specifics over here, cheers...

And on the subject of spam

There are quite a few categories that would be rather useless were you to genuinely remove ANY site that might be labeled as search spamming...

plus the way it works means y

plus the way it works means you cant link to results - doh!

Hmm? There's a little bit above the ads which allows you to change how many links are on a page. You can link results by using that, for example this should return page one of 'asdf' results. I can only presume you want to link things for mockery purposes, because its a horrendous, shambolic affair. should be first, even without a w*3 prefix.

Blah, less than impressive ;)

on the subject of useless....

there are a fair few categories which'll be pretty useless if you remove ANY site with www I reckon?

It doesn't even have in-snipp

It doesn't even have in-snippet query highlighting. Thats just terrible.



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