Myspace adds 'Video Space'


Myspace 'profiles' are now showing an additional component/section(?) called 'Video Space' (located below the 'Who I'd like to meet' component and above the 'Top Friends' area) that just popped up by default across the network, if the users had uploaded any videos.

Until now, about the closest thing to this was that myspace would just 'insert' video clips right into your profile into the 'about me' section when you clicked a text link below a video you were watching. (kinda cavemanish imo) This is a much stronger move in that they are starting to catch up from where they WERE this summer (completely down for days) to actually leveraging a massive untapped resource (other's people content) in order not to fall in the shadow of the big acquisition that just happened.

It's also a pretty bold move to just insert this on to people's pages without any notice or permission, so it'll surely piss some people off, but most will just just take it in stride... or at least that is what somebody in myspace corporate is thinking:)


So they CAN make myspace

So they CAN make myspace slower! Yesssss


not seeing it

ugh, more work

Now I have to go and take off the video insert I add in the About Me section. How about a little warning MySpace?

new improved myspace

even uglier than before.....

MySpace Announcement

Latest Update:
hey everyone - so we've got a new video feature. any video on myspace can be added to your profile with one click.

it's like a song and music mini player on your profile. just click 'add to my profile' on the video page, and it'll put the video on your profile - you don't have to copy or paste code ... of course if you still want to grab the embed code and put the video in a different place, feel free.

click here to try it out with this borat clip!

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