Google already favouring YouTube??


Anyone noticed 3 supplemental results before??

Have a look at the query 'video' in Google.
Have a look at results 3, 4, and 5. Google is displaying 3 supplemental results for YouTube!

Screenshot [/URL]">here, in case it disappears


I personally think that's

I personally think that's just G's normal algo at work and no manual inclusion has occured. Though saying that, it wouldn't be the 1st time I've been wrong!

Apologies for my mistake.....'s actually 2 supplemental results.'s the screenshot in case it disappears. The last link didn't work.

I've just never seen a site with 2 supplementals before, which is why I thought it was quite strange that all of a sudden YouTube were getting a lot of Google loving.

It could just be conincidence though


Is that why it is written by an anonymous scaredy cat, they can't spell video? ;)

Anyways, I don't see those results.

I see them

I doubt it's a manual adjustment.

YouTube (PR8) is above Yahoo videos (PR7).

Plus with all the recent press and influx of backlinks from authority sites, it probably caused YouTube to jump in the SERPs.

I only saw two links for the

I only saw two links for the search that Anonymous Scaredy Cat sent. I'm happy to reaffirm that we're not doing anything special for YouTube; it could have been a UI experiment (or a bug), in which case it would have applied to other sites besides Sorry I can't duplicate the search results..

YouTube Creep

I see youtube creeping in on a lot of searches I'm doing, however it could just be the playground I'm hanging out in lately.

Yeah, sorry....

....I thought I was logged in when I made the post, so it put "Anonymous Scaredy Cat" as my name.

It seems that Google has switched back to just displaying the one supplmental result now, so maybe it was just an inteface test like Matt said. I just thought that it was pretty funny that all of a sudden YouTube had an extra supplemental result a few days after Google buys it. Might have been coincidence though

Not supplemental!

Ya' know, there are plenty of places around the web where one can get completely wrong information about the world of search. The folks at TW should at least be able to get the basic terminology correct.


I have to agree with Jim, the supplemental thing had me scratching my head looking for supplemental listings.

I think the term is "inset listing"...

I have seen three inset listings before under one page, when google was tweaking its algo, but they never lasted long in the SERP.

I'm starting to see YouTube

I'm starting to see YouTube creep into some more competitive queries I monitor and prior to the GooTube deal. Just figured it was gaining more trust. As relatively new sites that get about 4 billion new links a day have been known to do.

Links on the frontpages of

Links on the frontpages of all major news sources, drudge, nytimes, cnn, etc. probably give a site a pretty big boost.

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