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Defining Google
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For those of you outside the United States, "60 Minutes" is a well respected television news magazine. The story above is a transcript of a show

(CBS) Has there ever been a brand name like Google? Non-existent six years ago, it’s now a part of the global language, as in, “I Googled this,” or “I Googled that,” or “I Googled you.” To Google, a verb, is to get an instant answer by using the company's super-computer to look up anything on the Internet.

What began as a school project is now worth about as much as Ford and General Motors combined, thanks to a stock that has roughly doubled in price since the company went public last August.

And for the first time since then, Google has opened its doors, to let "60 Minutes" Google them. Lesley Stahl reports.

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Kottke has his knickers in a twist over it...

Thanks grnidone - there's been quite a bit of talk today about this on various (all) blogs but this caught my eye in the last hour or so:

This is a developing scandal threatens to bring down not just a bit player like Dan Rather, but all of network television. On the Jan 2, 2005 episode of 60 Minutes, internet search pundit John Battelle commented on Google employees not taking advantage of their newfound wealth because it's against Google's ethic:

If anybody got a Porsche or a Ferrari right now at Google, they’d probably be drummed out of the company

My sources deep inside Google (who shall, given recent legal jeopardy, remain anonymous) tell me that at least one employee has purchased a Porsche with the IPO monies and has not, repeat, has *not* been drummed, tubaed, celloed, or otherwise musically extricated from the company. If true, who knows what this could mean for the future of journalism as we know it!! The implications on podcasting alone are unfathomable at this time. More as it develops...

But Jason Dowdell would disagree

I agree that it's a completely false statement from John but I don't know that it's that big of a deal. Yes there are those exercising their stock options on expensive toys, but just because John Battelle says there isn't anyone doing that doesn't mean 60 minutes is stupid. It just means John isn't as "in touch with Google" as 60 Minutes thinks he is. They probably chose him because of his popular blog and his smooth looks.

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