Meckler returns as competition with JupiterWeb tradeshow.


Meckler announced that he's about to launched new tradeshow based off the JupiterWeb division. Given that he's just sold Search Engine Watch and Danny recently announced his departure... could he be looking to jump back into the game as a competitor for Search Engine Strategies after Danny leaves... maybe even scooping Danny back into the mix with him ?


the stock is up about 15%

the stock is up about 15% today between regular hours and after hours trading

That should help

Danny price his new contract. Take the market cap of a 15 percent rise, figure out a fair proportion, and ask for it. Even if he's not going to Jupiter, and even if the rise is not all about anticipating Danny coming back, it is still the market talking.

I hope that the conference

I hope that the conference takes that turn it would be great to see the status quo ended

Does the world

really need another SEO conference, aside from a few more open bars?

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