Google tries 'cost per action' model


Google is launching its own affiliate marketing network where websites that host ads from Google are paid for any action the visitor makes rather than just clicking on a link

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Could this be the way of

Could this be the way of ending the click fraud problem and also desimate the existing affiliate model for affiliates that use the content network?

Clever (although expected) move by Google

from the article linked to above:

The search engine has invited a number of web site owners to take part in the pilot programme that will see site owners getting extra payments if their visitors take some kind of beneficial action on the advertisers' sites - such as buying a product or requesting further information.

Not news, per se... the

Not news, per se... the launch was in June, but it's interesting to note that I've seen NO discussion, public or private, about the product.

Is anyone here involved? I understand there's an NDA in the way, but even just an "It's great / it sucks" type comment would be more than I've seen anywhere else yet. Or has anyone seen any discussion about it anywhere?

That would be great for us

That would be great for us but I can imagine the affiliate bid would end up somewhere near the revs they get from adwords now as everyone would be bidding at the max they can afford per lead. At least there is some emphasis on conversion which will render clickbots useless.

Wonder how that would work

Wonder how that would work with lead generation. Would we be moving from click fraud to phony leads?

Didn't I hear that

Didn't I hear that might be for sale???
Surely there has to be a good chance of a deal.
Google gets a bunch of advertisers with CPA deals and bulk products with tracking already in place. G also gets a bunch of affiliates happy to work on CPA.
And we all know that Google does not mind splashing the cash at the moment.

ValueClick get to offload CJ which is not kicking many goals for them. They also get to impress their stock holders that they can offload major assets to the darling of the NASDAQ which is a big deal for a holding company like valueclick with little to no idea of how the Internet actually works.

>> Didn't I hear that

>> Didn't I hear that might be for sale???

Yup. Google have been suggested as a potential buyer, and you've nailed a lot of the benefits to both sides for such a transaction.

I hear CJ have shed a lot of the human load recently too, which would bring the purchase price down, I suspect, and whoever buys it could then invest in hiring quality people to really kick the arse out of the aff marketplace.

Or they could just treat it as a cash cow :)

Bad idea

As a website publisher, this could be an awful move for us.

We are a B2B site and none of the consumer "crap" that most CPA platforms offer will sell on our site.


I think they started this when Bill Gross became more involved at - they are hedging... but waiting for the sale or lead conversion will also create problems

The launch was back in June

The launch was back in June as TallTroll said:

They are still actively testing this one out. However, it could just be a case of those publishers using it have been asked to sign an NDA, which would explain the lack of buzz - many of the higher profile or super secret betas have NDAs attached to their use.


True... but there always seems to be a leak.

>> always seems to be a

>> always seems to be a leak.

Yup. Not on this though. I asked the question at an affiliate based forum, and got nothing there either. No-one was even interested in talking about it, not even a little bit.

Either the NDA specifies that you have to leave immediate family as hostages in the 'Plex, on pain of death, or no-one's really that interested yet.

I vote for the first :)


I remember hearing in August at SES that they had pulled this back because it was not working right.....
I wonder if it is even still out there!!!

It is still out there now.

It is still out there now.


Okay Jen... we won't force an answer ..... yet!!!!

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