SBC & 2WIre to Launch Set Top Box that Includes Web Content

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2Wire MediaPortal
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Man i gotta move out of Denmark, i need to live in a place where kit like this could be useful to me! From the Engadget post threadlinked above:

Wouldn't it be hot to type "Law & Order" in the search field, then page through results that included PVR-recorded shows, ripped DVDs, live TV, on demand streaming media, and downloaded videos that live on your PC's networked storage? This MediaPortal box can't do all of that (the DVD ripping and the downloaded movies part might be trouble), but it can do everything else, plus stream your home content to a mobile device. Who knows how well it'll all work together, but it holds a lot of promise.

and from this eWeek post

The new service will center on a set-top box that integrates satellite television, digital video recording, video on demand and Web content such as Yahoo's photo-sharing and LaunchCast music services, SBC announced.

As part of the service, users can access and share online Yahoo Photos and listen to Yahoo's LaunchCast Internet radio through home stereos and entertainment systems, according to SBC. Inside CES 2005

The set-top box also will provide storage for digital photos and music, and users will be able to access photos and music and to program digital video recording remotely through the SBC Yahoo interface on the Web.

I'd say that Battelle's prediction that TV and Search will merge is getting just a little closer...