Search Blog Stats Galore


Rand recently compiled comprehensive stats for many search blogs.



Hitwise's data no better than anyone else's. No, really? ;) Nice work Rand.

Great stuff. Rand!

Puts a lot of things into proper perspective. Well worth a regular update to compare/discern trends, etc.

Cool chart. Tons of info in

Cool chart. Tons of info in there, beyond the reported analysis. Also, fun to see the most popular search terms for some of the poeple out there!

Now all you CEOs of those businesses start calculating the costs of your sites and the relative value of the traffic - LOL. The bids on search terms in PPC just jumped up a notch.

That was quite fun.

That was quite fun.

I think we need to say what a good job Mr Wall has done with seobook. I'm also surprised at how relatively low Mr Cutts traffic is compared to his "peers", I would have guessed at much more. Shoes U/PV ratio jumps out from the pack.

I think we all need to give oilman a big congrats too, thats the first time he has hit 1% search traffic with a site.

[spits out drink] :D

[spits out drink] :D

first time he has hit 1%

bahzing - nicely done sir - hahahah

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