Google owns 25% of all online advertising - 1 out of every four dollars


So you guys have an idea of the market power of Google ... this is of ALL marketing dollars spent online... ranging from banners on the NYTIMES to paying off bloggers to write stories about people.

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How surprising is this?

They do have the most trafficked search engine out there, and their linking algorithm has been copied by every other major search engine, so it seems to me they deserve to be where they are. If they continue to be responsible with the enourmous amounts of private information they have on their users then their revenues will go nowhere but up.


i can't believe all those webmasters i'm buying tens of thousands of dollars worth of text link ads from are reporting those sales the the world consortium of online advertising. Good thing cause little deals like these probably make up hundreds of millions a year...

Bubble burst

YHOO and AMD are both off by 10% in one friggin day for largely irrational reasons. AMD even reported earnings in excess of 9% the most optimistic estimate. RHAT is down 20% in the last month even though profits are up 52% (fifty two percent!) the month to date.

When the options crowd starts in effect rigging markets into downward spirals, you know the Bust is occuring.


No surprise Google's leading

No surprise Google's leading when nobody big is really making a serious effort to rival them.

Hello Yahoo! Publisher Network? Still in beta and US residents only? Hello MSN? Reached the 21st century internet yet?

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