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Tools for Online Tracking
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Threadwatch member notepage aka Sharon Houseley of notepage.net has posted a nice set of links to tools that can be used to ego surf or get notification of topics you follow - such as mentions of your company or bits and pieces of interest about competitors and so forth. The list inludes:

and some useful resources for monitoring tools. The links are followed by nice concise descriptions so do check out the full details at the threadlink above.

A Question for Threadwatchers

How do you monitor those keywords and topics that matter to you, and what do you use to do that?

Personally i use G Alerts and that's about it. It's lame, and as a result of Sharons article i'm going to try to fix that :)


Missed one...

These are all great services, although I don't find them to be as up to the minute or timely as the Technorati Watchlist service. The Technorati Watchlist service scours over 5.5 million weblogs for information provided by the subscriber. There are currently two variants of the Watchlist, Cosmos and Keyword.

The Cosmos (or URL) Watchlist allows the subscriber to monitor the conversations regarding a particular Weblog or Website. Since Technorati is constantly being updated by these Weblogs, we are able to reveal references to these sites as they happen. And I mean up to the minute.

We also provide a powerful Keyword Watchlist that allows subscribers to use advanced query language to develop very specific keyword watchlists. E.g. ("six apart" OR sixapart) AND (livejournal OR "live journal").

The Watchlist service is currently free ( free membership required), try it out at:


Hi Richard, welcome to Threadwatch, please introduce yourself in this thread

I wasn't aware of that tool, it sound cool - so i guess it's time i signed up huh? ;-)

I do find myself turning to Technorati more and more often these days, 4/5 times a day sometimes and mostly to see either:

  • Who is linking to here
  • Who might have more on a breaking news story

but I do have one major gripe: Why is it that i can only sometimes order results by authority? - when looking up something in general, rather than a breaking news piece i really couldnt care less who spoke about it last - i want a list of the big players that have talked about it....

That said, i do still use it often heh..

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