Hot off the clueless train:


Oh boy! Sign me up!!

Just saw this on Digg. Best comments there (so far):

"oooh, can I make Dick Cheney my friend?"

"Now the senate has one stop shopping for all their young intern/page needs."

"Young Feds - A place for snitches"


Great. One more thing for

Great. One more thing for government workers to do besides work.

On second thought, fuck it. I'm creating a Jack Abramoff username and taking some money.


From the Washington Post article:

Patricia McGinnis , president of the Council for Excellence in Government, said she expects "the infectious ingenuity of this network to multiply as word spreads about what it means to be a young fed."

Emphasis added.

(Thanks, Bob. Things were a bit slow today.)

Political Keywords

So has anybody figured out any high paying political keywords yet? There seems to be tons of traffic but no way to get anything more than adcents from them. I guess you could always drop some Adult Friend Finder links since we know that's one thing they are all interested in ...

Any Old Feds

outed by young feds yet?

Graywolf, in terms of

Graywolf, in terms of profitable keyword traffic, look at "issue" traffic where you see Sponsored Listings that look like:

1) GOP candidate
2) Dem candidate
3) Political Action Group
4) Political Action Group
5) Political Action Group
6) Political Action Group
7) Political Action Group
8) Political Action Group
9) Political Action Group
10) Political Action Group

Or stuff like [net neutrality].

The Adsense EPC's of those scenarios is almost worth chasing.

You're a cynical old bastard scoreboard...

On the other hand if the next generation is going avoid the traditional media how are political parties going to get the next set of untarnished recruits.

Pity it's not a .gov.

Too bad it's not a .gov site.

See mom, it's easy. You

See mom, it's easy. You download this thing called a CMS and it has everything you need to get started...

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