Chicago Voter Database Hacked


Oct. 23, 2006 — As if there weren't enough concerns about the integrity of the vote, a non-partisan civic organization today claimed it had hacked into the voter database for the 1.35 million voters in the city of Chicago.

"Or we could've changed the information on what precinct you were in or what polling place you were supposed to go to," he said. "So there were ways that we could potentially change the entire online data base and disenfranchise voters throughout the entire city of Chicago."

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Founders Note:
That is great! Now I feel safe..


. . and they found that 30%

. . and they found that 30% of the registered voters have been dead for 3 or more years, another 20% were registered at least twice, and 15% were not US citizens.

Come on, this is chicago we're talkin here ;)

When Washington was mayor in '84

I worked part time at night sorting voter registration cards. Its easier to rig an election in Chicago than anywhere else in the free world. Of course if you go up against the wrong people, you may not be seen alive ever again, but you'll still be able to vote.

As they say

Being from Chicago, we have a motto here when it comes to elections, "vote early and often".

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