Mobile Equipped Clothing in Time for Next Ski Season


Mobile equipped ski jackets are just about the only thing that would pursuade me to buy a motorola. Plus a bonus of proper amounts of music through the same headphones.

Now if they could geotarget the ringtone advertising for cheap gluwhein, send me text vouchers for beer at the local bar, and put the pockets somewhere I definately won't land on them I'm a guaranteed early adopter :)


iPod One

Burton released a similiar jacket a couple years ago that worked with the iPod. The play buttons, etc were on the outside of the sleeve.

awwwwwww yeah

that's the one. I want one (you listening Santa?) and it doesn't sound like you need a motorola :)

and wow that womans, um, unique.

Here ya go...

Gurtie, if you can bear the awful Cat Schwartz and wait for her to get over her first few silly bits there's a kinda cool jacket right here

So what happens if your jacke

So what happens if your jacket starts ringing while you are shushing down the slopes?