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Woot, Here It Is
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Woot.com is a word of mouth marketing buzz bomb of simplicity and gimmick, and it's making a STACK

The all-things craze hit ecommerce too, and Amazon went from selling books to hawking everything from Stairmasters to BBQs. But now, an ecommerce site is gaining ground by following Google's go simple strategy, and if its early revenue numbers are any indication, it's found a winning strategy.

The site is called Woot, and offers visitors a simple choice: It sells one item, usually something electronics-related, for one day. At midnight central time the new product is announced, and usually within a few hours, it's sold out.

So, is going as simple as possible the best way forward for Ecom sites? It's certainly an approach that has worked for Google in Search and there is a lot to be said for simpicity i think...


Unless I'm missing something,

Unless I'm missing something, woot -- and any similar sites which do 'one a day' items -- can't really succeed in the general populace.

If a general user finds the woot site, and doesn't like the item (the only one!) then where is their incentive to return, except the vague possibility they may do so out of further curiousity?

It succeeds by word-of-mouth presumably because (aside from the small mastheads running on a whole host of bloggers) people pass it on to others they think might enjoy it. If its sold out by the time you've got the link, and its the only product available, the above point still stands, why would you return later?

And from an search marketing standpoint, just how could you target anything without incurring adwords (et al) costs?*

There's obviously a niche market it fills, either for novelty or actual usefulness (I've seen some dire things on there), but its a niche for internet-savvy geeks who habitually check things regularly and are on the front-line of link propagation. Normal people aren't like that.

The good points? It must be time/space/stock efficient :o)

*in the same vain, how can users associate the site in their head with anything but random crap that I cannot adequately categorise?

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