Outting Pork. US politicians to feel John Q's whip?


Now this is promising. AND it should get more press. (Though why demean it with that Web 2.0 hype?)

"Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Barack Obama (D- Ill.) and the grassroots Internet campaign that unmasked Sens. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) as the secret holders who had been preventing the consideration of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (S. 2590). The bipartisan legislation, signed into law by the president, requires the Office of Management and Budget to create a public website listing the individuals and groups receiving federal grants and contracts."
Taxpayers Go Trick-or-Treating


"A new, publicly accessible government website mandated by the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 will soon list the federal government's grants and contracts, tracing exactly how tax money is being spent.

Knowing how much money is spent for which programs, and where, is a great start. Knowing what good, if any, spending that money accomplishes would be even better. Web 2.0 technology can help citizens process and understand political donations, government contracts and programs, and performance metrics in all sorts of important and novel ways.

For example, tagging information about federal expenditures, unpaved highways or toxic waste sites with GeoRSS would let citizens easily cross-reference the data with other information, including campaign donations. Data feeds that use Ajax, JSON and OpenGIS Web Map Service can incorporate externally hosted geospatial capabilities into mashups that weave data together into a single, multifeatured map.

These capabilities would make publicly accessible information publicly comprehensible, for a multitude of uses and applications, incorporating a variety of data."

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act


Byrd hunting

Any Dem who has the guts to take on Byrd will see crossover votes. Of course Byrd's history and Obama's ethnicity may have played a tiny part.

Ya Senator Byrd is proof

Ya Senator Byrd is proof that as long as you drink left wing kool-aid it doesn't matter where you stand morally or ethically. Good ol' congress wouldn't be the same with out a former cyclops in the KKK.

D behind his name = ok, sweep that under the rug.
R behind his name = resign you racist neo con!!!!

Good for Obama though for not being intimidated, may the future burning crosses in your front lawn extinguish quickly :)

Washington lives on credit cards

We need something like this and it needs to be well known.
Partisans...Both the Democrats and Republicans spend, the difference is, the Democrats pay for it with raising taxes while the Republicans leave the debt for future generations to pay. I'd call the Democrats more fiscally conservative then the Republicans, at least the tend to spend what they collect, instead of hawking our future strength.


>and it needs to be well

>and it needs to be well known

I suspect that the politicians believe that apathy will win out and no one will use it in the long term. I have concerns that they may be right. OTOH, if I were a newspaper editor looking for a way to gain back some ground on the internet, I'd chain some poor reporter to his monitor and make him dig for dirt in that database and feed it to the newswires and blogs. And then there are sites like The Consumerist that are getting a lot of mileage from the outting trade, so maybe they'll open up a new division at Gawker. We've all seen the power of social media recently. If anything like that happens, if there's a spark, then I think the politicials are in for the same surprise that old media received.

The way government works,

The way government works, any attempt to impose performance metrics will be met with a proportionate effort to dilute the meaning of those metrics until they show that "everyone is doing just fine". Along the way, the metrics will be injected with a signal or two for political use, such that, when the time is right, a simple tweak can ensure that so-and-so's project will stand out like a sore thumb for it's "under performance".

Think about how you would manage that if you were the development lead on that technology effort. You would spend all of your resources discovering, highlighting, and resisting that process. And after you left, the less-capable and yet more-political underlings would take over your project, "finish it", and deploy it. And everything will be fine.

Politics is about people and not technology. We don't need this government system. We need access to the *raw* data.

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