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Google on 60 Minutes
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You can grab the whole video and stream it at the threadlink above. I have a question for the americans if i may: Is it normal for the presenter of such a show to talk to the audience as though they were children?

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Their commercials are even worse

Agreed Nick. I'm getting offended watching that stuff..

I also watched a bunch of US TV commercials last time I was there. Boy, talk about the lowest denominator. Phew, they make you feel like you're 3 years old and suffer from at least 10 different bad things. US/Euro advertising is definetly two different things and I don't like either of them, but imho the least offensive are the Euro ones..

And they wonder ...

... why the percentages of viewers of big media news has dropped off here.

Shy - Almost Introverted

I love this snippet: "Page is shy -- almost introverted." Show me a shy person who isn't introverted, please. My dictionary defines introverted as "Marked by interest in or preoccupation with oneself or one's own thoughts as opposed to others or the environment; shy or reserved."

A couple of things to keep in mind:
1. The intended audience of the piece is not as savvy about search as the readers here.

2. If you think the audience will be offended by the way the piece talks down to them, keep in mind that we're Americans. I know we're not supposed to mention politics here, but surely you remember that headline in the Mirror a couple of months ago.


fill me in please qwerty, i think we can probably whether a smidgeon of politics in the context of understanding :-)

The front page was a picture

The front page was a picture of Bush and the words "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?"

oh, THAT one...

hehe :-)

Well, i think quite a common complaint against US media is that it's aimed, as Rumbas says above, at the lowest common denominator - it's why many europeans think that the vast majority of Hollywood films SUCK - becuase they're so damn "be all things to all people and for gods sake dont offend anyone" that they're just pointless.

Seems it's the same with news media too huh?

Im sure there is good stuff for those that want it but when you start trying to broadcast to the widest possible audience your product suffers it would seem...

btw, i find this to be the case with some blogs in our neck of the Search/Media woods aswell as forums - i dont think it's the right way to go, you cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs ya know...

Well America is not a homogen

Well America is not a homogeneous nation like most of the nation-states of old Europe. That means that you have to lower the denominator because you cannot rely of everyone having the same cultural and historical background. (eg. you can't just mention Hastings, Magna Carta like you would in the UK and expect everybody to understand the cultural reference.)

Specific to television journalists like those on 60 Min.: I wonder how search engine and internet savvy these people really are? I think they have a staff of flunkies that actually do their searching for them and I'm not sure their own personal web knowledge goes past that of an AOL'ers -- ergo, I think some of the dumbing down is done by the flunkies just so they can explain it to the TV correspondents.

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