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Is google gunning for directory sites? - Some of the guys and girls over at V7N seem to think so..

Stoner3221 of Wow Directory posts a long list of sites that he says were hit by G in recent days. Speculation abounds as to why with Stoner3221 theorizing that it's due to large amounts of affiliate links and general poor quality.

For the record, i run only one small directory which i've abandoned till the new year, it's doing just fine...


Been going on 9 months or so

It was mainly the PPC affiliate SE/Directories with 1,000's of static pages, designed to target phrases with PPC bids that were targetted.

This WMW Thread was the first indication that Google were up to something


thanks kali, i do try to catch the wmw stuff but so much chatter! - some things just slip by me ;-)


I don't see it as too much of anything to worry about myself. There seems to be a fair balance in that V7n list of ups and downs, so much so that I am not sure anything conclusive could be determined from the data as presented.

I believe it is dependant very much on the inherent purpose of the directory. If it is to provide a service first and revenue second, then it should stand the test of time. If it is purely designed to generate revenue, either by listing fees or advertising (as Kali mentioned above) and the service is a byproduct of the revenue generating activities, then there is little incentive for non-associated users to promote the directory and so it will lose engine listings over time.

Like Nick, I don't seem to have been affected at all.


Good job too!

Hey Woz, nice to see you in here ;-)

Ive not been to dWoz in a few months glad to hear all is well!

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