Yahoo in talks to buy AOL


FORTUNE has learned from multiple sources that Yahoo recently approached Time Warner about buying America Online

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Founders Note:
FYI Yahoo, bad move.. generally people spend big money to buy growing properties.

They should be allocating resources to something other than AOL .. perhaps buying clutsy or something along those lines.. not just a Google Aggragator...


Or in talks to sell to

Or in talks to sell to Microsoft ? Have we come to the end of the world ?


I would hate to see Yahoo get bought by Microsoft. Those guys just don't get the internet and never will. Right now Yahoo acts as a great counter balance to Google (and without all the moralizing lectures) and I'm afraid that purchase of Yahoo by Microsoft would be the kiss of death.

I can't really see what Yahoo would want AOL for other than eyeballs unless they really wanted to get into the ISP business. A purchase or merger by AT&T (SBC) or Comcast would make more sense.

Really, I don't see

Really, I don't see Microsoft buying Yahoo. Just doesn't make sense. Yahoo seems pretty confident that the new YSM (Panama) will turn them around.


Microsoft is bad so Yahoo! keep away. AOL could be way better, they have a lovely search results interface and surely AOL and Yahoo! would be a formidable force???

Having said that I think they all suck compared to Google.

Only Google can beat them all down with customer service and a real answer - even called me once to fix something that I screwed up in adWords.

I've been waiting over a month now for MSN Search to add a client to my adCenter - the client needless to say doesn't do ads with MS consequently

Only Google have their shit together and long may they reign.....

I really can't figure out

I really can't figure out what would be forward thinking in buying AOL - a company with a bad reputation and a falling subscriber base. An attempt to please disgruntled investors purchasing an income generator, rather than a long-term plan?

Client data may be the key

If nothing else, AOL was one of the first to gather online user data on a large scale together with Compuserve (whom they merged with). Even with a shrinking subscriber base I guess this stuff is extremely valuable if you have the savvy and the infrastructure in place to actually monetize it which Yahoo! probably has.

the ads

Even though AOL is in the process of a slow death it still could be a great cash cow for Yahoo while it lasts. Yahoo will have direct advertising exposure without having to slice up the revenue with a third party.

301 redirect

Their best bet would be to 301 redirect to and be done with it.... and TimeWarner should pay Yahoo to get it off their hands.

That turd is worth less now than when they merged with TimeWarner...

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