Google Granted Patent for Highlighting Search Results

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Google Receives Patent for Highlighting of Search Results
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This'll put the cat amongst the pidgeons...

A system highlights search terms in documents distributed over a network. The system generates a search query that includes a search term and, in response to the search query, receives a list of one or more references to documents in the network. The system receives selection of one of the references and retrieves a document that corresponds to the selected reference. The system then highlights the search term in the retrieved document.

link to the patent text


So, is wmw going to start pay

So, is wmw going to start paying royalties?


Conclusion: Systems and methods, consistent with the present invention, highlight search terms in retrieved documents to aid a user in determining the relevance of the documents and locate relevant information within the documents.

Seems to me that the highlighting function is too simple too be patented and too hard to enforce,
Leastwise it's only at US (for now)...

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