KinderStart : Google Penalty Equated To Defamation


In the Long running lawsuit between Kinderstart and Google, Kinderstart pulled this rabbit out of their hat saying that Google Penalty Equated To Defamation

Founders Note:
LOL! Though I think that Kinderstart is pulling at straws.. this angle is quite comical.


Not so news

Commentary at Eric Goldman's blog (source document link no longer active unfortunately):

Then there has been an amended complaint:

It is all following the same lines...

Kinderstart maybe pulling at straws, but this doesn't mean that of the millions of sites out there, all will. Someday, someone will dodge the motions to dismiss and will go into the discovery phase. Interesting things will be found, I'm sure...

Related story:

Sheesh...didn't this die ages ago?

Guess Kinderstart needed a bit more publicity again...

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